Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro price, specifications, features and Camera Test Comparison

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro price, specifications, features and Camera Test Comparison

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro price, specifications, features : Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro looks pretty because it uses charming design packaging and screen capacity is more relieved than the Galaxy J5 Pro. Specifications Galaxy J7 Pro is quite prominent one of them is stock 13 MP camera on the back and also front. It also features an LED flash and a fairly high diaphragm aperture that is f / 1.7 for main camera and f / 1.9 for front camera for photography capability in low light conditions. This phone also offers the easiest facilities for users to share the results of photos to social networks and chat applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp and other popular applications with just one tap. The device also features a sticker creation feature from a photo using the Snapchat app that has AR effects and color effects.

Another advantage Galaxy J7 Pro is also visible from the presence of fingerprint sensors that are not limited to the security function of the device but also can be used to provide more security when transacting through Samsung Pay service. While the other specs Galaxy J7 Pro 5.5-inch display panel that offers full HD resolution (1080p) and has applied innovation Super AMOLED for a very clear view. The main brain installed in this latest Android device Exynos 7870 chipset berprosesor Octa-core A53 and additional Mali-T830 graphics chip. Chipset used is also combined with 3GB of RAM capacity and 32GB of memory.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro price, specifications, features :

1. Full HD Video Camera
This is supported by front and rear camera resolution Galaxy J Pro of 13 MP. In addition, the rear camera has f1.7 lens openings, and the front camera has f1.9 lens openings. Galaxy J Pro can record video at 30 frames per second so that the live Vlogging recordings are sharper.

2. Ultra Data Saving
This feature allows users to save battery up to 50 percent. How this feature works is to automatically compress the required data. Ultra Data Saving also works to block unused smartphone applications to get better connectivity. That way, users do not need to be afraid of outdated quota when they want to upload live vlogging on social media.

3. Signal Max
Sure sucks if you want to upload selfie results, but no signal. This problem is resolved with the Signal Max feature. This feature can make the signal faster because both series Galaxy J Pro is equipped with Dual Antenna. Dual Antenna is pinned on top and bottom of the body of the Galaxy J Pro so that signal connectivity will be better and stable.

4. Ultra Power Saving
This feature is useful to control the battery power consumption Galaxy J Pro. There are two power-saving mode settings, namely medium and maximum. For power-saving medium, the battery can save up to 20 percent, and limit the processor speed up to 70 percent. Meanwhile, for maximum power saving, the battery can save up to 100 percent, limit the number of applications used to eight, and change the theme to a dark color.

5. Private data Safe
If you are afraid the data on the smartphone can be stolen, Galaxy J Pro presents security features that can be protected with a password.

6. Adaptive Wi-Fi
With this feature, Wi-Fi will automatically connect with Wi-Fi you’ve ever used.
For example, you go to a cafe and connect with Wi-Fi. Upon returning to the cafe, Wi-Fi will automatically connect, even if you do not turn on Wi-Fi.

For non-removable battery power that brought carrying power reaches 3600 mAh. Consumers must redeem this device with a fairly large funds because the price of Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro SM-J730 for camera test you can visit Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Camera Test Comparison

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (16GB) J730G/DS, 5.5″ Full HD Dual SIM Unlocked Phone with Finger Print Sensor Price about: $299.99


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