Samsung Galaxy S9 – Full phone specifications – Everything you need to know!

The Good The Galaxy S9 proves once again that Samsung’s formula of a magnificent 5.8-inch screen, a sexy double-curved design and a fabulous camera for well-lit photos can not fail. Quick whisk, wireless charging and water resistance complete the package. And it looks amazing in purple and blue. The bad photos in dim light often seem blurry and lack the texture and contrast of the cameras on competing phones. The Galaxy S9 camera often changes accidentally. The 3D avatar software is tragically negative and a new facial unlocking tool is inherently insecure. The Galaxy S9 costs more than last year’s Galaxy S8.

The end result The Galaxy S9 is a good incremental update, but its camera with little light does not change the game and some new features are far behind the iPhone X. S8 owners can skip, but it is a good update of the Androids older than the full list of Galaxy S9 offers here, but keep in mind that they are only valid for a limited period and that traders generally do not share the expiration date.

At this point, you’re probably wondering: is the Galaxy S9 the new phone to buy? I have tested both the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus for over two weeks. And I’m 85% sure that these beautiful and powerful cell phones are two of the best money they can buy. However, the remaining 15% of me depends on the annoying disappointment that the biggest Android brand in the world could have made even better. Let me explain why and why, for some of you, my little objections may not matter.

From a bird’s-eye view, I see top-of-the-line specs combined with excellent design, internal speeds and outdoor photography. Samsung’s hardware remains at the top of the market, which makes the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus excellent all-rounders that can handle the usual roster of activities and last a work day on a single charge.

Galaxy S9: Dual aperture camera highs and lows

The camera is the only real feature of the Galaxy S9. It’s the first to bring a dual-aperture mechanical DSLR lens to the much smaller handset, a function designed to let in more light, reduce image noise, and generally improve your photos. The dual aperture means that the camera physically changes between two aperture settings, the aperture that allows light to enter. A narrower setting F2.4 is used for illuminated photos, and automatically jumps to a wider F1.5 aperture in low light situations such as a dark restaurant or in the living room while watching a movie.

Bright 5.4-inch AMOLED screen with a double curved screen. It looks great in purple lilac and blue coral. You can also buy it at midnight black and titanium gray. The Fast Snapdragon 845 processor performs tasks, handles intensive graphics games (some models use the Samsung Exynos 9810). A full battery should charge you from morning to night. Navigation and transmission will run out faster. Bright and beautiful outdoor pictures with 12 megapixel camera. The dual speaker system makes the audio strong and rich. Good old-fashioned headset!

Improved fingerprint reader placement makes mobile payments more convenient. The wireless charging and waterproof rating (IP68 and approved in our dunk test) offer an advantage over most phones as well as previous Galaxy models.

AR Emoji needs better face tracking and customization

Found in the camera app, Samsung’s response to iPhone X’s animojis scans your face and creates a 3D avatar that you can use in previously created animated GIFs and recorded and shared videos. But when Apple’s animojis have shown that the concept of imitating their features is fun, AR Emoji shows how this can go wrong quickly. The setup is fast, but the results are, in a word, scary.

You have limited customization options for hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. But AR Emoji crushes genetic diversity. There are no curly hairs, for example, or realistic shades of blonde or red. The narrow skin tone palette could inspire an essay on ethnic representation in the digital world. You have your choice of a body type.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen

Like all the recent flagship handsets from Samsung, the S9’s screen instantly attracts you with its rich colors and fantastic contrast. It’s still a 5.8-inch AMOLED quad-HD + panel that is slightly curved and, despite having little change, plus a slight increase in brightness, it’s one of the best screens I’ve ever seen.

What most impresses the screen are the customization options offered. In its standard “Adaptive” mode, the colors are saturated and rich with a dominant blue tone. Personally, this seems a lot to me. Switch to the DCI-P3 color gamut that covers “AMOLED cinema” mode and everything looks easier on the eyes. It is also possible to customize the colors by reducing the amount of blue, green and red.

An advanced camera is on-board along with stereo speakers.

Some new fun add-ons that Samsung believes users will enjoy improved slow motion videos, AR emoji and photo language translation. Like other Samsung phones, the S9 is water resistant. Include an infinite screen, a headset and a wireless charging. It promises better sound for streaming audio and video can be slow, we do not mean too slow. Slower than that, actually.

Mobile cameras continue to improve more and S9 clicks on the same route. Like its recently updated competitors, devices take sharper photos with a more demanding light. The phones have a dual camera with a new double aperture that adapts to light like the human eye. You need more light, you could have. You need less light, you could even have it. The improved camera will help you with your video shots. In fact, there is a slow-motion tool that can make videos 32 times slower than normal.

The slower video may give you unusual hits. Whatever the result, Samsung will automatically join with some songs to keep up with the look and feel of your efforts. Shoot something festive and you’ll get optimistic sounds. Get something a little ‘more serious and Samsung will also match him. Music can be adjusted as needed. Many are familiar with the Bitmoji application of Snapchat. The S9 has something similar called AR Emoji. It will take your selfie away and turn it into an emoji sticker. Hair and clothes can be customized. Glasses and other accessories are easily added. You can also look like a rabbit or a cat.

No matter your emoji taste, it all shows up in 18 preset GIFs attached to the keyboard.

Do you need something translated? The phones can also help with this. Similar to the Google Translate app, you can keep it as a sign and get a translation in your native language. The application works in 54 languages. To be nothing less than Apple, Samsung phones have improved facial recognition called “Intelligent Scan”. Face recognition is now combined with a scanner. A new tool allows you to open the phone with the iris or the entire face, depending on the sunlight.

The audio is displayed to be clearer and louder on the stereo speakers tuned by AKG. Samsung claims that the sound is 1.4 times more powerful than previous Galaxy phones. Dolby Atmos technology will provide a theater-like multidimensional sound experience.

Available colors include black, blue and purple. A gray option will be available later.

As expected, the price is on par with similar phones but still below $ 1,000. The S9 will cost about $ 700, while the S9 + will cost around $ 840. While several upgrades make phones more versatile and fun, there is less of a surprise factor than in other releases. Still, the new S9s add enough power to offer a real Android-based challenge to the Apple X and other competing mobile devices.


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